Paul Hurst



Place of birth:

Traver, Tulare County, California:


American character actor of prodigious output who also directed and wrote silent films. Much of his early work was in low budget western films. A native of central California, Hurst had a first-hand knowledge of Western lore, growing up surrounded by the multi-million acre Lux & Miller ranches which ran cattle throughout the state. Visiting San Francisco as a young man, Hurst became involved in amateur theatricals and thereafter traveled to Los Angeles to join in the emerging film industry there. He began appearing in films as early as 1912, most of them Westerns. By 1916, he was directing them as well (some sources report that he served in the First World War as a member of the French Foreign Legion, but the dates of his film projects make this story highly suspect). In the early 1920s, Hurst wrote several scenarios for films he directed and appeared in. He proved adept at working as a director for some of the cheapest producers along Gower Gulch, where movies were normally shot on location in a week or less and where stunt men were often the highest paid folks on the set. Within a few years, he focused all of his energies into acting, notably becoming one of the few successes to emerge from Hollywood's Poverty Row. Hurst quickly became one of the more prolific and familiar characters in American movies. With his blocky build and squinty demeanor, and with a raspy voice that enhanced his memorability once sound pictures came in, Hurst played villains and cops and comedy sidekicks in more than 250 films. His most famous role was that of the deserter shot dead on the stairway of Tara by Vivien Leigh in Gone with the Wind (1939). Hurst was the sidekick to Monte Hale in a number of B-Westerns. Former Gower Gulch veteran John Wayne hired Hurst for Big Jim McLain (1952) knowing that Hurst was ill with terminal cancer. In 1953, at the age of 64, due to his health problems, Paul Hurst committed suicide. Date of Death: 27 February 1953, Hollywood, California  (suicide)

Film Credits

The Sun Shines Bright (1953)
as Army Sgt. Jimmy Bagby
Big Jim McLain (1952)
as Mr. Lexiter
The Missourians (1950)
as John X. Finn
The Old Frontier (1950)
as Skipper Horton
The Vanishing Westerner (1950)
as Waldorf Worthington
Pioneer Marshal (1949)
as Huck Homer
Ranger of Cherokee Strip (1949)
as Sheriff Jug Mason
San Antone Ambush (1949)
as Happy Daniels
South of Rio (1949)
as Andy Weems
Outcasts of the Trail (1949)
as Doc Meadowlark
Law of the Golden West (1949)
as Otis Ellis
Prince of the Plains (1949)
as Sheriff Hank Hartley
Gun Smugglers (1948)
as Sergeant Hasty Jones
Yellow Sky (1948)
as Drunk (uncredited)
Son of God’s Country (1948)
as Eli Walker
The Arizona Ranger (1948)
as Ben Riddle
Heart of Virginia (1948)
as Whit Galtry
California Firebrand (1948)
as Chuck Waggoner
Madonna of the Desert (1948)
as Pete Connors
Under Colorado Skies (1947)
as Lucky John Hawkins
Angel and the Badman (1947)
as Frederick Carson
The Plainsman and the Lady (1946)
as Al
Death Valley (1946)
as Sergeant Dailey
In Old Sacramento (1946)
as Stagecoach Driver
Dakota (1945)
as Captain Spotts
Midnight Manhunt (1945)
as Murphy
Scared Stiff (1945)
as Sheriff
The Big Show-Off (1945)
as Herbert Trafagan, aka "The Devil", a wrestler
Something for the Boys (1944)
as Defense Plant Foreman (uncredited)
Girl Rush (1944)
as Muley
Barbary Coast Gent (1944)
as Jake Compton
Summer Storm (1944)
as Orloff
The Sky's the Limit (1943)
as Dock Foreman (uncredited)
Coney Island (1943)
as Louie
The Ox-Bow Incident (1943)
as Monty Smith
Calaboose (1943)
as Ed the bartender
December 7th (1943)
as World War I Ghost Soldier
Night in New Orleans (1942)
as Sergeant Casper Riordan
Sundown Jim (1942)
as Broderick
Dudes Are Pretty People (1942)
as Two-Gun
Ellery Queen and the Murder Ring (1941)
as Page
This Woman Is Mine (1941)
as Second Mate Mumford
The Parson of Panamint (1941)
as Jake Waldren
Caught in the Draft (1941)
as Sgt. Burns
The Great Mr. Nobody (1941)
as Michael O'Connor
Virginia (1941)
as Thomas
Tall, Dark and Handsome (1941)
as Biff Sage
Goin' Fishin' (1940)
Tugboat Annie Sails Again (1940)
as Pete
Spring Parade (1940)
as Headwaiter
The Westerner (1940)
as Chickenfoot
They Drive by Night (1940)
as Pete Haig
Torrid Zone (1940)
as Daniels
Edison, the Man (1940)
as Sheriff
Castle on the Hudson (1940)
as Guard
Remember? (1939)
as Policeman
Gone with the Wind (1939)
as Yankee Deserter
Glove Slingers (1939)
as Chuck Brenner
Heaven with a Barbed Wire Fence (1939)
as Empire State Building Guard
On Your Toes (1939)
as Variety Club Bartender
Bad Lands (1939)
as Curly Tom
Each Dawn I Die (1939)
as Garsky
It Could Happen to You (1939)
as Sandy
Broadway Serenade (1939)
as Reynolds, a Drunk
Cafe Society (1939)
as Bartender
Topper Takes a Trip (1938)
as Charlie - the Bartender
Secrets of a Nurse (1938)
as Slice Cavanaugh
The Last Express (1938)
as Asst. Dist. Atty. Springer
Hold That Co-ed (1938)
as Slapsy
My Lucky Star (1938)
as Louie
Prison Break (1938)
as Soapy
Josette (1938)
as A. Adolphus Heyman
Alexander's Ragtime Band (1938)
as Bill Mulligan
Island in the Sky (1938)
as Happy
Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm (1938)
as Mug
No Time To Marry (1938)
as Sergeant
Second Honeymoon (1937)
as Dennis Huggins
Ali Baba Goes To Town (1937)
as Captain
The Lady Fights Back (1937)
as Maloney
Danger - Love at Work (1937)
as NYC policeman
Wife, Doctor and Nurse (1937)
as Bill
Wake Up and Live (1937)
as McCabe
She's No Lady (1937)
as Cop
You Can't Have Everything (1937)
as Truck Driver
The Legion of Missing Men (1937)
as Muggsy
Super-Sleuth (1937)
as Motorcycle Cop
You Can't Beat Love (1937)
as Foreman Butch Mehaffey
Slave Ship (1937)
as Drunk
Angel's Holiday (1937)
as Sgt. Murphy
Fifty Roads to Town (1937)
as Tom
This Is My Affair (1937)
as Bowler
In Old Chicago (1937)
as Mitch
We Who Are About to Die (1937)
as Tip Fuller
North of Nome (1936)
as Carlson
I'd Give My Life (1936)
as "Sport" Conly
To Mary - with Love (1936)
as Drunk
Mr. Deeds Goes to Town (1936)
as 1st Deputy (uncredited)
Robin Hood of El Dorado (1936)
as Wilson
The Gay Desperado (1936)
as American Detective
The Gay Deception (1935)
as Bell Captain
The Daring Young Man (1935)
as Prison Guard
Calm Yourself (1935)
as Roscoe
Public Hero Number 1 (1935)
as Rufe Parker
Carnival (1935)
as Policeman
Shadow of Doubt (1935)
as Lt. Sackville
Sequoia (1935)
as Bergman
Maybe It's Love (1935)
as Expressman
Tomorrow's Youth (1934)
as Detective
Among the Missing (1934)
as Capt. W.F. 'Big Bill' Connors
Take the Stand (1934)
as Denny O'Brien
Midnight Alibi (1934)
as Babe the Butcher
A Very Honorable Guy (1934)
as Butler
Queen Christina (1933)
as Swedish Soldier Betting on 6 (uncredited)
Saturday's Millions (1933)
as Doc Maloney, Trainer
Tugboat Annie (1933)
as Sam
The Sphinx (1933)
as Detective Terrence Aloysius Hogan
Terror Aboard (1933)
as Boatswain
Island of Lost Souls (1932)
as Capt. Donahue
Men Are Such Fools (1932)
as Stiles
The Big Stampede (1932)
as 'Arizona' Frank Bailey
Hold 'Em Jail (1932)
as Butch
The Thirteenth Guest (1932)
as Detective Grump
State's Attorney (1932)
as Police Captain Morgan
My Pal, the King (1932)
as Red
Panama Flo (1932)
as Al
The Secret Witness (1931)
as Officer Brannigan
Bad Company (1931)
as Paul Hurst
Maker of Men (1931)
as Gabby
The Public Defender (1931)
as Doc
Sweepstakes (1931)
as Bartender
Kick In (1931)
as Detective Whip Fogarty
The Secret Six (1931)
as Nick Mizoski - the Gouger
The Single Sin (1931)
as Slug
Borrowed Wives (1930)
as Bull Morgan
Paradise Island (1930)
as Beauty
Hot Curves (1930)
as 'Slug', Baseball Player
Shadow of the Law (1930)
as Pete Shore
Mountain Justice (1930)
as Lem Harland
The Runaway Bride (1930)
as Sgt. Daly
Lucky Larkin (1930)
as Pete Brierson
Officer O'Brien (1930)
as Captain Antrim
The Racketeer (1929)
as Mehaffy - Policeman
Oh, Yeah! (1929)
as Railroad-Yard Superintendent
Sailor's Holiday (1929)
as Jimmylegs
The California Mail (1929)
as Rowdy Ryan
Tide of Empire (1929)
as Poppy
The Lawless Legion (1929)
as Ramirez
Lilac Time (1928)
The Cossacks (1928)
as Sitchi
The Valley of the Giants (1927)
as Randeau
The Red Raiders (1927)
as Sergeant Murphy
The Devil's Saddle (1927)
as 'Swig' Moran
Blue Streak O'Neil (1926)
Lightning Bryce (1919)
as Powder Solvang
Old Isaacson's Diamonds (1915)
as Snake Henely

Production Credits

Blue Streak O'Neil (1926)
Haunted Range (1926)
The Demon Rider (1925)
The Were-Tiger (1925)
A Western Engagement. (1925)
Branded a Bandit (1924)
The Passing of Wolf MacLean (1924)
Battling Bunyan (1924)
Lightning Bryce (1919)
A Lass of the Lumberlands (1916)
The Escape on the Fast Freight (1915)