Martin McDougall

Film Credits

Take Down (2016)
as Drew Thornton
Edge of Tomorrow (2014)
as Military Spokesperson 2
Closer to the Moon (2013)
as Prison Commander
Hyde Park on Hudson (2012)
as Tommy
360 (2012)
as Policeman (Airport)
Green Zone (2010)
as Brown's Aide
Alien Autopsy (2006)
as Middle Ranking TV Exec
Penelope (2006)
as Dr. Stone
Wicked Little Things (2006)
as William Carlton
The Girl in the Café (2005)
as American Senior Adviser
Batman Begins (2005)
as Gotham Dock Employee
Space Odyssey: Voyage to the Planets (2004)
as Tom Kirby
Octane (2003)
as Motivational Speaker
Frank Herbert's Children of Dune (2003)
as Scytale
Last Run (2001)
Submerged (2001)
Down (2001)
as Security Guard Andy
Octopus (2000)
as Taylor
New World Disorder (1999)
as Sullivan
Saving Private Ryan (1998)
as Soldier on the Beach
The Fifth Element (1997)
as Warship Captain
The Affair (1995)
Judge Dredd (1995)
as Twist
Death Machine (1994)
as Yutani
Memphis Belle (1990)
as Footballer