Daniel Wu



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Berkeley, California, United States:


Daniel Wu is a Chinese-American actor, director, and producer. Since his film debut in 1998, he has been featured in over 60 films. He was awarded Best Supporting Actor for his role in "New Police Story", and was awarded Best New Director for his mockumentary, "The Heavenly Kings". Currently, he is most well-known for his role as Sunny in the AMC action series "Into the Badlands".

Film Credits

Tomb Raider (2018)
as Lu Ren
Geostorm (2017)
as Cheng Long
反转人生 (2017)
冲天火 (2016)
as Chong Tin-Po
Warcraft (2016)
as Gul'dan
滚蛋吧!肿瘤君 (2015)
as Doctor Liang
单身男女2 (2014)
as Fang Qi Hong
A Rose Reborn (2014)
as Mr. Lu
竊聽風雲 3 (2014)
as Joe
魔警 (2014)
as Dave Wong
控制 (2013)
as Mark
Europa Report (2013)
as William Xu
十二生肖 (2012)
as Hospital doctor
The Man with the Iron Fists (2012)
as Poison Dagger
太極2 英雄崛起 (2012)
as Mad Monk
太极 (2012)
as Mad Monk
王的盛宴 (2012)
as Xiang Yu
大魔術師 (2011)
as Captain Tsai
形影不离 (2011)
as Li
竊聽風雲 2 (2011)
as Joe Szema
單身男女 (2011)
as Fang Qihong
建黨偉業 (2011)
as Hu Shi
鎗王之王 (2010)
as Inspector Jerry Chong
Red Earth (2010)
Jump (2009)
as doctor
如梦 (2009)
as Max
竊聽風雲 (2009)
as Max Lam
新宿事件 (2009)
as Jie
門徒 (2007)
as Nick
天堂口 (2007)
as Fung
明明 (2006)
as D
宝贝计划 (2006)
as Daniel
夜宴 (2006)
as Crown Prince Wu Luan
四大天王 (2006)
as Daniel Wu
春田花花同學會 (2006)
as Hijacker #2
千變魔手 (2006)
as Himself
長恨歌 (2005)
as Kang Ming Xun
千杯不醉 (2005)
as Michael / 'Michel'
精武家庭 (2005)
as Jason
DragonBlade: The Legend of Lang (2005)
as Hung Lang
三岔口 (2005)
as Koo
公主復仇記 (2004)
as Ken
新警察故事 (2004)
as Joe Kwan
千機變II花都大戰 (2004)
as Wei Liao
Around the World in 80 Days (2004)
as Bak Mei
旺角黑夜 (2004)
as Lai-fu
大佬愛美麗 (2004)
as Georgie Hung Chi-Kit
魔幻廚房: (2004)
as Kevin
尋找周杰倫 (2003)
as Man
妖夜迴廊 (2003)
as Ah Hung
妖夜迴廊 (2003)
as Sam Yuen
新紮師妹2 - 美麗任務 (2003)
赤裸特工 (2002)
as Jack Chen
變臉迷情 (2002)
as Lon / Michael
想飛 (2002)
as Joker
豐胸秘Cup (2002)
as Harper
新紮師妹 (2002)
as Au Hoi-Man
偷窺無罪 (2002)
as Calvin
游园惊梦 (2001)
as Xing Zhi Gang
北京樂與路 (2001)
as Michael Wu
Ye shou zhi tong (2001)
as Tide Ho
知法犯法 (2001)
as Mike
重装警察 (2001)
as Inspector Chau Chung
Hong Kong Superstars (2001)
as Himself
公元2000 (2000)
as Benny
紫雨風暴 (1999)
as Todd
特警新人類 (1999)
as Daniel
美少年之戀 (1998)
as Sam Fai
新古惑仔之少年激鬥篇 (1998)
as Big Head
玻璃之城 (1998)

Production Credits

控制 (2013)
四大天王 (2006)
四大天王 (2006)