Selling Hitler (1991)

In 1981, Gerd Heidemann (Jonathan Pryce), a war correspondent and reporter with the German magazine Stern, makes what he believes is the literary and historical scoop of the century: the personal diaries of Adolf Hitler. Over the next two years, Heidemann and the senior management figures at Stern secretly pay 10 million German marks to a mysterious 'Dr Fischer' (Alexei Sayle) for the sixty volumes of 'Hitler's diaries'. However, to the dismay of all, it is discovered after the publication of first extract that the diaries are crude forgeries, faked by Stuttgart criminal Konrad Kujau.

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Movie Score: 7/10 from 2 votes
Release Date: 1991-01-01
Status: Released
Run time: 256 min / 4:16
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Selling Hitler Casts

Jonathan Pryce
as Gerd Heidemann
Alexei Sayle
as Konrad 'Conny' Fischer
Alan Bennett
as Hugh Trevor-Roper
Tom Baker
as Manfred Fischer
Alison Doody
as Gina Heidemann
Roger Lloyd Pack
as David Irving
Richard Wilson
as Henri Nannen
Peter Capaldi
as Thomas Walde
Julie T. Wallace
as Edith Lieblang
Barry Humphries
as Rupert Murdoch
John Shrapnel
as Gerd Schulte-Hillen
Alison Steadman
as Edda Goering
Frederick Jaeger
as Fritz Stiefel
Olivier Pierre
as Peter Koch
Thomas Wheatley
as Jan Hensmann
John Paul
as Karl Wolff
Philip Fox
as Leo Pesch
Philip Bowen
as Wilfried Sorge
Elaine Collins
as Maria Modritsch
Gregory de Polnay
as Philip Knightley
Tristram Jellinek
as Magnus Linklater
James Aubrey
as Congo Randy
Anthony Dawson
as Marquis of Bath
Michael Lees
as Hans Bauer
Ralph Michael
as Wilhelm Mohnke
Hugh Futcher
as Sidney Mayer
Jill Balcon
as Lady Alexandra Dacre
Hugh Simon
as Peter Kuehsel
Tony Sibbald
as Maynard Parker
Gabrielle Blunt
as Gerda Christian
Norman Chancer
as Gerhard Weinberg
Janet Crawford
as Mrs Fritz Stiefel
Devon Scott
as Barbara Dickmann
Michael Elwyn
as Brian MacArthur
Trevor Baxter
as Frank Giles
Edwin Craig
as William Broyles
Caroline Strong
as Valkyrie
Elizabeth Spender
as Valkyrie
John Quentin
as Selling Hitler

Selling Hitler Crew

Directing Alastair Reid Director