RSWX Presents... Dave (2012)


A homage to one of the greatest figures in popular music. Dave includes original songs, covers, backing vocals, production work and some Soulwax reworks, to attempt to give a full scope of the man's genius. For the visual side to this mix, Wim Reygaert came up with the most ambitious film for RSWX, a fever dream time travel through the man's career, starring the amazing Hannelore Knuts as Dave. This is a pure labour of love for the phenomenon that is... Bowie.

RSWX Presents... Dave 123movies
Movie Score: 9/10 from 1 votes
Release Date: 2012-11-10
Status: Released
Run time: 60 min / 1:0
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RSWX Presents... Dave Casts

Hannelore Knuts
as Dave
Sam Louwyck
as William S. Burroughs
Bent Van Looy
as The Scary Monster
Joy Thielemans
as The Milkshake Girl & The Veiled Assistant
Maarten Claeyssens
as Iggy Pop
Jef Peremans
as Ziggy Stardust
Simon Fisher-Turner
as The Queen Bitch
Nicolas Karakatsanis
as Freddie Mercury
The Hickey Underworld
as Freddie Mercuryʼs Crew
Stephen Dewaele
as Detective #1
David Dewaele
as Detective #2
Stefaan Van Leuven
as Detective #3
as Record Sleeve Fairy #1
Yasmin Holail
as Record Sleeve Fairy #2
Sherien Holail
as Record Sleeve Fairy #3
Rana Holail
as Record Sleeve Fairy #4
Hadiel Holail
as Record Sleeve Fairy #5
Fedia Holail
as Record Sleeve Fairy #6
Amina Holail
as Record Sleeve Fairy #7
Dorien Leyers
as Lulu
Marie-Helene Van Quickenborne
as Weird Man #1
Faye Bogaert
as Weird Man #2
Nora Monsecour
as Weird Man #3
Pauline Deheegher
as Weird Man #4
Elynn Vandamme
as Weird Man #5
Laura Baets
as Weird Man #6
Carl Plaisier
as Tony Visconti
Evelyne Vanobost
as Big Smile Woman
Ann-Sofie Claeys
as Diamond Dog Girl #1
Elisabeth Puglia
as Diamond Dog Girl #2
Geert de Wachter
as John Lennon
Michiel Geluykens
as Andy Kent
Quinten Kasch
as Little Stephen
Lenn DʼHondt
as Little David

RSWX Presents... Dave Crew

Directing Wim Reygaert Director