Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn (1995)


Not paying attention to his job, a young demon allows the evil cleansing machine to overflow and explode, turning the young demon into the infamous monster Janemba. Goku and Vegeta make solo attempts to defeat the monster, but realize their only option is fusion.

Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn 123movies
Movie Score: 7.3/10 from 278 votes
Release Date: 1995-03-04
Status: Released
Run time: 55 min / 0:55
Production Studio : Toei Animation
Production Country: Japan
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Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn Casts

Masako Nozawa
as Son Goku / Son Gohan / Son Goten (voice)
Hikaru Midorikawa
as Paikuhan (voice)
Ryou Horikawa
as Vegeta (voice)
Tesshou Genda
as Janemba (voice)
Daisuke Gouri
as Mr. Satan / Lord Enma (voice)
Takeshi Kusao
as Trunks (voice)
Hiromi Tsuru
as Bulma Briefs (voice)
Ryusei Nakao
as Frieza (voice)
Kenji Utsumi
as Shenlong (voice)
Yuuko Minaguchi
as Videl (voice)
Naoko Watanabe
as Chi Chi (voice)
Mayumi Tanaka
as Kuririn (voice)

Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn Crew

Production Justin Cook Producer
Production Gen Fukunaga Executive Producer
Visual Effects Naoki Tate Animation
Directing Shigeyasu Yamauchi Director
Writing Takao Koyama Screenplay
Sound Shunsuke Kikuchi Original Music Composer
Crew Toshiharu Takei Cinematography
Editing Shinichi Fukumitsu Editor