Cara Gee



Place of birth:

Calgary, Alberta, Canada:


Cara Gee is a Canadian stage, screen and web actress. She holds a BFA in Acting from the University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

Film Credits

The Call of the Wild (2020)
as Fran├žoise
Alone Wolf (2020)
as Town Monroe
It's Nothing (2019)
EXT (2019)
as Aegis Minamoto
Red Rover (2018)
as Phoebe
Wynter (2018)
as Coyote
Birdland (2018)
as Hazel James
The Carmilla Movie (2017)
as Emily
We Forgot to Break Up (2017)
as Isis Wong
Sundowners (2017)
as Jenny
Anne Darling (2016)
as Charlie
Empire of Dirt (2013)
as Lena Mahikan
Levels ()
as Aislinn