Marcus Miller - Tutu Revisited 123movies

Marcus Miller - Tutu Revisited (2010)


Tutu Revisited is a wonderful showcase for the exceptional bass skills of Marcus Miller and represents his homage to the timeless music of Miles Davis. Before an appreciative audience in Lyon (France), Marcus and his band settle into a comfortable groove of funk & rhythm and interact with each other very effectively. Christian Scott's trumpet recalls much of the timbre and subtlety of Miles, but with his own unique "whispering" style of playing. Quite a virtuoso and extraordinary talent in his own rite.

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Marcus Miller - Tutu Revisited 123movies
Movie Score: 5.8/10 from 4 votes
Release Date: 2010-01-06
Status: Released
Production Studio : Victor Musical Industries, Inc., Zycopolis Productions
Production Country: France
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Marcus Miller - Tutu Revisited Casts

Marcus Miller
as Himself
Alex Han
as Himself
Christian Scott
as Himself
Federico Gonzalez Peña
as Himself
Ronald Bruner, Jr.
as Himself

Marcus Miller - Tutu Revisited Crew