Synevir 123movies

Synevir (2013)


Famous lake in Carpathian mountains -- lake Synevir -- is known for its rich history throughout the hundreds of years as a place of mystical unexplained events. There is a group of students who decided to spend a weekend at the lake. They did not believe in those stories about lake Synevir and the strange creatures around it. Too bad for them....

Synevir 123movies
Movie Score: 2.6/10 from 5 votes
Release Date: 2013-01-11
Status: Released
Run time: 73 min / 1:13
Production Studio : InQ
Production Country: Ukraine

Synevir Casts

Olena Lavreniuk
as Katya
Ilya Rudakov
as Danik
Konstantin Voytenko
as Simon
Bogdan Yusipchuk
as Fedya
Serhiy Romanyuk
as Uncle Egor
Zoryana Marchenko
as Masha
Mila Syvatska
as Ivanka
Yuriy Frigan
as Vasilij
Viktor Chernyakov
as Director
Igor Slavinskiy
as Lector Shmul'
Evgeniy Morozov
as Lector
Valeriy Antonyuk
as Male nurse Kolja
Georgiy Povolotskiy
as Male nurse Lenjya
Grigoriy Bokovenko
as Granddad Ivan

Synevir Crew

Directing Aleksandr Alyoshechkin Director
Writing Aleksandr Alyoshechkin Writer
Directing Vyacheslav Alyoshechkin Director