North Pole 123movies

North Pole


This is a film in the dramatic and adventure genre based on historical and real events — namely an expedition to the North Pole on the airship “”Italy”” in 1928 under the command of General Nobile, ending in the tragic crash of the aircraft. Eight countries participated in the international humanitarian rescue expedition, but only the Soviet icebreaker Krasin was able to remove the surviving crew from the pack ice.

North Pole 123movies
Status: Planned
Run time: 90 min / 1:30
Production Studio : Krasin Film, Rebis Film, VoenFilm
Production Countries: Germany, Italy, Russia

North Pole Crew

Production Igor Ugolnikov Producer
Writing Teresina Moscatiello Screenplay
Directing Teresina Moscatiello Director
Writing Heribert Leonardy Screenplay
Writing Annelie Wheeler Screenplay
Production Simone Orlandini Producer
Production Sebastiano Zappala Producer